Posted by: meganlpiper | August 4, 2009

Back to the Future

Taking big steps...

Taking big steps...

26 hours of traveling by bus, plane, shuttle, and car brought me home, to the future- which for me is being a grown up. Starting a job, moving into a house that includes mortgage payments, planning a wedding, and starting a scary but exciting new part of my life. I couldnt have asked for a better celebration of college coming to an end than 6 weeks in Segovia, Spain with 18 strangers that I now call friends.

It was so weird waking up in my apartment in Georgia this morning. I was wide awake, since it was noon in Spain, and starving for some reason. Dreading unpacking, which is finished now- who knew I had so many things shoved into those well packed, under 23 kilos, dirty from the airport bags. Im driving my car again, and I had to think about being careful as I havent driven in a while. My American cell phone works now, when I didnt have it for six weeks I got out of the habit of texting or always talking to people. I think I will continue that trend; I like the time to think and to prolong conversations for face to face communication.

Some of my Real World Segovia favorites...

Some of my Real World Segovia favorites...

The best part of being home has been getting online and seeing the pictures and messages tagged and sent between my Segovia friends, my Study Abroad family. We have all exchanged phone numbers and started a thread on Facebook having mini conversations. For six whole weeks we mainly only talked to each other. Every day getting on Skype and seeing them on- immediately starting a conversation about our lunch or what we would do that night. Its a little sad to no longer have those things between all of us. At the airport, everyon split- I think maybe we didnt even think about the fact that we wouldnt all end up on the next leg of our trip together. It was better this way, no goodbyes- just moving on, knowing we will talk soon anyway. We are all back with our family, friends, loved ones. Our lives were meshed together with no other choice, and now we are all thrown back into reality, gone our separate ways. Thankfully, we have 18 new friends to come back with, future plans that we have come back  to, and now we not only have memories and pictures and experiences to last a lifetime, but we have friends that were there with us too. Adios, amigos- thanks, because I couldnt have asked for a better trip! 

*thanks, Kami, for the pictures on this post!



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