Posted by: meganlpiper | August 2, 2009

Im coming home, baby!

The airplane. My misery.

The airplane. My misery.

How many times can I reference Michael Buble in the life of one blog? As many as I want because I love his music! He sings a song, Coming home, baby! that is good for this occasion. Simply because, today is my last day in Segovia, and I am coming home! I thought I would cut all the sentimental-ish talk for now, and stick to the facts. Here is our schedule on coming home. None of us, well thats probably not true, most of us have no idea what exactly the times or hours of our trip is because of the time change, sitting around in airports, etc. Our flight times to begin with are 6 hours ahead of the US and our arrival is US time…We just know when to get on the bus tonight, which is at 1am. Here is my understanding of what will happen tonight/tomorrow…

1am Meet at Lobo, downtown Segovia and get on the bus.

2am Arrive at airport, check in, check bags, get through security

3am Sit down to wait for our flight, watch a movie on Itunes (bullet # 12), try to sleep.

6:20am Flight to Germany

8:55am Arrive in Germany

12:10pm Flight to the US, an almost 10 HOUR plane ride through a time zone so the times make it look like a shorter flight. Misery.

4:10pm Arrive in the US

5:00ish See our friends and family, my fiance! Drive 3.5 more hours to Savannah, Ga. Crash for a couple of days, finally home.

This is our itinerary. It basically means we will be traveling for a day, and I think that stinks. I hated the flight on the way over here, but hopefully it will be better on the way back. I bought chips a hoy cookies and Special K bars in the Dia grocery store across from my house to eat on the plane. This will make me happy even if I am miserable in my tiny airplane seat- I love chocolate chip cookies! I also have muffins and kitkats. I hope that I can sleep a little, and if not- at least I will be home soon!

Home in Savannah, Ga. with my love~ be there soon!

Home in Savannah, Ga. with my love~ be there soon!



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