Posted by: meganlpiper | August 2, 2009

Family Fun

My Spanish Family, missing Manuel

My Spanish Family, missing Manuel

Last night, I had dinner with my family like always, but we talked for longer than usual. We actually stayed up well into the night. We talked about my favorite parts of Segovia, what I did not like, what I look forward to the most when I go home, and different aspects of the differences in life in our countries. Their daughter is going to be doing the same thing that I have in the United States, living with a family and experiencing a different culture while learning english. My padre is usually working, and I have not had a great deal of interaction with him, but our conversation last night was interesting. He is funny, but also a bit sarcastic. Perfect for this American, except he did tell me that he thinks it is dumb to get married at my age (23 when I will be married in a year), even though this is the same age that Racquel was when he married her. He says many things can happen in a year, one of us may win the lottery and never come back! I love it. My only reply was, we will see- time will tell, but I think after hearing him talk about his girls, it is clear that he doesnt regret a thing!

One of my favorite meals with my family, Fiesta de Paella

One of my favorite meals with my family, Fiesta de Paella

My favorite parts of Segovia include living with a family-I think it is the best way to experience another country and to really feel at home, the beauty and history of the city- the atmosphere here is different than in other parts that I have visited on this trip. It is relaxed, but it also has a feel of another time, with everything being original to hundreds of years ago, meeting new people and learning about myself- I have made some great friends on the trip with me and here in Spain. It is something to speak of to spend time away from everything in your comfort zone to see yourself from different angles.

A self-reflective process

A self-reflective process

The differences we talked about between our countries were differences in the culture. With the people, its almost as though it is the same. You meet wonderful, kind people, rude people, funny or intelligent people no matter where you go. The other differences are in the culture, like how Americans are always busy and work alot with little sleep or how Spaniards have siestas everyday and are more relaxed. They told me that I am more outgoing and open than students they have had from England, which makes them think that all Americans are that way. I have found in my learning cultures, meeting people from different parts of the world- Ireland, Paris, England, Spain- it just matters who the individual is that you meet.

My apartment building coming into view on my daily walk

My apartment building coming into view on my daily walk

We also talked about movies, and they asked me about different things that they see in American movies and whether or not it is real. Like for example, do weddings really have all of those people in matching outfits with the Bride and Groom (bridal party). They couldnt believe that we really do that, haha. They only have their parents with them in their weddings- which probably makes more sense. They also wanted to know if people prayed at the table before every meal. We talked about war and religion, and how the United States is different in the aspect of religion because it is a mix (una mezcla) of all different heritages and people, where Spain is mainly Catholic, with some Jewish or Muslim congregations. Of course, not completely, but from their perspective- this is how they view their country. I had a great time living with them, and I am so grateful that they opened their home to allow me to experience a part of their lives. We exchanged emails, and I plan on keeping in touch- with pictures of my house and my wedding, while also seeing how their lives unfold. I have had the best time with my Spanish family, and I cant wait to come back and ring their bell, apt. 4D…”Hola, es Megan!”



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