Posted by: meganlpiper | August 1, 2009

Tour de Segovia

The journey begins...

The journey begins...

I have been thinking about renting bikes for a couple of weeks now. They have them for rent in three different locations in Segovia, and it looked like fun. I have never really seen anyone else on them, though, maybe people just dont know about them? OR, its so complicated to rent them that no one does! Joanna really wanted to rent them, and I am happy that she pushed the idea to get others excited. We went to the bike station by the Aqueduct, and read the sign to see how to do it. We had to walk across the open plaza to the visitor’s center (you should definitely check this out if you visit- they have all the information about Segovia and what to do here, but don’t buy souvenirs from them because its way too expensive). Once in the center, we had to fill out paperwork on ourselves, pay three euros, get a code for the bike, and use our cell phone to text the code to a number that unlocks the bikes. Whew, thats alot of information! Luckily, JoJo has a cell phone here and didnt mind us using it (of course not, she’s the best!). Christina took over as the cell phone holder, texting away until we all had our bikes.

The chicas and our bikes, taken by our Ga. friends

The chicas and our bikes, taken by our Ga. friends

The bikes. Las bicicletas. Did I mention that I maybe did not think this through completely? How long has it been since I have been on a bike that moves farther than the spot it occupies in spinning class? A long time…in fact, the last time may have been when I ended up in the hospital with stitches on a Christmas morning…anyway, not important. We all took a little practice ride in circles around the area, and then we decided to set off. Our bikes had bells and baskets for all of our things, which was good as we stopped for a little last minute shopping on our adventure. It was so much fun, laughing our way up the hills of the streets, weaving through the people and making our way to the castle. Tammy was so cute, calling us the VonTrapp children as she thought of the Sound of Music throughout our ride. It was a little like a movie, with bikes riding through the Plazas with art and music, gypsies selling scarves, and a castle coming into view.

Beautiful view from the bike

Beautiful view from the bike

We met some friends from Georgia, from Atlanta to be exact. They talked with us about their trip to Segovia and took our picture for us. It is so nice to meet people from home, makes me feel like it isn’t really so far away from here. Upon arrival at our destination, we took a little break and photo shoot at the Alcazar, sitting in the grass and enjoying our day. It was very hard work riding a bike here, but very much worth it to see all of our favorite places in one day. Our last day actually, all together in Segovia. We rode around, sometimes having little mishaps, like having to carry our bikes up the steps of La Luna to get to where we were going…stopping to buy water so that we didnt pass out (best 1.20 I’ve euro spent, by the way), and finally brought our tour to an end to get ready for our final dinner together in our favorite little place, Segovia.



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