Posted by: meganlpiper | August 1, 2009

OxigenArte Festival

Crazy, cool chair

Crazy, cool chair

“What happens if we breathe art?” The tagline of the event, great PR work from someone!

For the past couple of days, art has been springing up all over Segovia for the Art Festival this weekend. Its so interesting to see the different things that are incorporated into this. We live our normal Segovian lives and are sometimes suprised by the thingsĀ  that we encounter just by walking our normal route. I really enjoy how Segovia has had something going on almost every weekend that we have been here, or during the week at night. Concerts, art festivals, dance festivals, shows. Its a really good time to visit.

Me with an art sculpture in the Plaza Juan Bravo

Me with an art sculpture in the Plaza Juan Bravo

The pictures are good, even though I havent gotten all of the art on film yet. I have really enjoyed being here, and I am very sad to be leaving soon. Im so excited though, to have the memories and experiences to take home with me from this trip. I should probably save all of this sentimental talk for some other final post, so just check out the pics- enjoy the art!



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