Posted by: meganlpiper | August 1, 2009

Celebration Dinner

The whole group doing the signature "Paco hand gesture"!

The whole group doing the signature "Paco hand gesture"!

Im not going to call it a going away dinner because it was more like a celebration of our trip. We all met at 8pm at the Restaurante Hidalgo to spend time together one last time as a whole group. Some people’s flights are today, Saturday, and some of the group is going to Madrid to spend their last couple of days, as for me- I will be here with my Segovian family until we leave on Sunday night. (I can’t believe that its tomorrow!) Trey, Frank, and I set out walking- the three musketeers of our neighborhood, who have always walked together. We met up with Christina and Joanna on the way, then Logan, then Kami. We made our way to the restaurant (my feet hurting from the bicycle adventure of the day), all dressed to impress and excited about hanging out with everyone.

The ladies of the trip!

The ladies of the trip!

The restaurant had a big open room for us, with a large table filled with tapas. (bread, cheese, sausages, tortillas, shrimps, etc) All of our professors were there as we talked, laughed, and ate for about an hour. It was nice to be outside of the classroom and talk to our teachers without the pressure of learning something or earning a grade. There were the few flashes as the photo taking began. Once everyone had stepped away from the table and began to relax and talk without eating, Prof. Suazo (Jorge for a couple more days) got everyone’s attention for a group share.

The guys of the trip!

The guys of the trip!

He talked about our group, and how every year it is different and special to those individuals. This year has been one of the most cohesive as a whole, and he seems to have enjoyed it. He praised us for never missing a day of class and being responsible for the most part. We all took turns talking about our favorite parts of the trip, and the things that have meant the most to us. I wish I had gotten it on film, but its better this way, I think…to see it with both my eyes. It was a very sentimental time to hear everyone’s input, to watch the way they looked around the circle of people, who began as strangers and have now become friends. Of course there was the funny input, especially with Emi correcting everyone’s grammar. It was definitely enlightening to hear the stories, to watch the body language, and to see the reaction of everyone as we realized it really is coming to an end.

The Professors of the trip!

The Professors of the trip!

One of my favorite things said was from Paco, our literature teacher and field trip leader. He talked about how young we are, and how this is an adventure that we have enjoyed now- but it wont mean the most to us until we are home, maybe even older, and really realize how amazing it was. We will only be able to remember it, never to come back to this exact experience. Its a great thing to live in another country, with completely different people to learn about them and their culture, but also to learn about ourselves. What a great thing to be able to think back on, to remember, and to learn from for the future. I love that I have done this, and I loved our dinner together. Afterwards, we split up to get icecream, the guys went for food, or to various other places. We all met up again later in the Plaza Mayor, listening to live music and observing the culture around us. There was a very reflective, chill attitude about the rest of the evening. We made our way to La Luna, to tell our bartender friends goodbye, and to spend one last signature end of an evening there. Walking home was sad, but also exciting as we have so many great things to look forward to at home as we take with us everything from here. Hasta Luego, Segovia, me encantada este viaje, y voy a regresar en el futuro!



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