Posted by: meganlpiper | July 30, 2009

Put on your Sunday clothes…Mass

The altar in the Cathedral

The altar in the Cathedral

Catholic Mass at the Cathedral in Segovia. With a Cathedral and a historic town like this- why wouldnt we attend at least once? We all made a plan to meet at the Cathedral on Sunday at 12pm. It started at 12:30pm, which is good because we are always late anyway. I like to think its the relaxed Spanish culture rubbing off on us. We walked around the Cathedral, waiting on it to start, wondering if we were in the right place as tourists flocked through with their fanny packs and cameras. (Not at all like us, of course, we live here now :))

As it got closer to time, the gates to the altar were opened and the scene began to take its expected form. The Priest and altar boys (Is that the right name? Im very not Catholic and wish I knew more of what Im talking about!) came out with all of the things needed for mass. We took our seat as the organ played. The Cathedral is amazing inside, its hard to focus as whispers of our religious beliefs are shared throughout the group as we wait.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

We have many Catholic students with us, and I wish that I had such a heritage to experience in such a historical, beautiful place. This was a great way to discuss and get to know each other on a deeper, religious level. We were almost the youngest people there. Many people here go to smaller churches or do not go at all. There were mostly older people in Mass at the Cathedral, a few tourists, and a couple of families.

The group that attended Mass

The group that attended Mass

 I wish I had known what they were saying, but just being in Mass was a good experience, I felt as though it was appropriate as we pass by there every day. It so funny to think about the experiences we have had here. Its hard to describe them to you with short stories and pictures. For example, you miss out on the conversations surrounding the things that we do here, like Kami saying she is wearing a shorter skirt and its fine bc she is catholic and they have to let her in, Trey being mad that he isnt Catholic and cant take communion, Logan saying in the beginning of it that the Cathedral is older than our country, and then the little things like seeing how Mass touches those who havent been in a while. I really enjoyed it.



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