Posted by: meganlpiper | July 30, 2009

Cut that Cochinillo, girl!

Action shot of me cutting the Cochinillo

Action shot of me cutting the Cochinillo

Famous last words of Connor, as I am walking up to sever the head of my baby pig dinner with a salad plate. I thought it would be a good experience to chop it up using a plate, just like the restuarants are famous for doing! I would have probably lasted longer on a mechanical bull- I chopped at it for about 5 seconds, maybe. Here is a video to relive the experience, which by the way, I loved!

Cochinillo Adventure Video

We had the best time, at one of the best restaurants in Segovia, Jose. There were around 16 of us there, and we had a long table with bread, water, and wine when we arrived. The pictures are great! 

The view of the night was the Cathedral, and everyone was dressed to impress. What a fun experience in our last week, talking and laughing through the night in our very European way of eating and enjoying company for hours. Our food came, and the waiters enjoyed the experience with us- bringing out the whole baby pig and letting us participate in the cutting of it. Only two of us tried it, me and Joanna. The pictures are priceless, as well as the video. In the excitement, it may not be the best video in the world or the best pictures, but you get the idea.

Cochinillo pig head

Cochinillo pig head

The waiter also brought out the head of the pig later into our meal, and Chris, Connor, and Frank tried out their very own Fear Factor skills by eating the eyes and brain, maybe a bit of the nose. For me, the taste was not something I would like to have again. I enjoyed the salad, bread, and potatos the most. I will say, though, that it depends on what part of the animal you get. I got the quarter with ribs and one leg, which was stronger in flavor. JoJo let me have a taste of hers, which was a little better. Overall, I am very glad that I tried it, as it is a signature Segovian meal, but order it again? Not likely.




  1. This video is priceless- the expressions and minimal involvement in this is so you. Cannot wait to hear about these unique experiences!

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