Posted by: meganlpiper | July 27, 2009


Last minute photo shoots...

Last minute photo shoots...

I have an ipod here filled with all of my favorite music, and I think about song lyrics and how they apply to life often. JoJo and I talk about music and movies all the time, laughing and quoting songs and lines that remind us of where we are here and what were doing. While talking lately about it being our last week here, and how we all feel about it- I thought of a song. Home by Micheal Buble

 Yes, we all love it here, but a little part of me (a big part of some people) is ready to go back home. I know that I am lucky to have done this “Im lucky I know”, and I will always think about this trip as one of my favorite college experiences “and I feel just like Im living someone else’s life, like I just stepped outside and everything was going right“. I visited Paris, one of my most desired trips. “Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome…” I am fluent in Spanish now, and I know some amazing people as a result of this trip. “May be surrounded by a million people, I still feel all alone…I miss you, ya know” So this last week will be a bittersweet one. Agridulce en espanol…I am sad to leave, trying to get in every little experience that I can while also passing my exams, by the way. But Im excited to see my fiance, my family, and my friends! Its amazing how much can happen in the lives of those you love when you step out of their world for a mere 6 weeks. Im going home to begin wedding planning, to see the house for the first time that we have put an offer on, and to step back in as a best friend to some of the greatest people.  “Ive had my run, but baby, Im done…I wanna come home.”

So dont worry, I will live this last week to the fullest, soaking up all that is Spain and Segovia with our group dinners, study sessions, last minute photo shoots, and trips through the streets up to Plaza Mayor. I just wanted you to know how it is when you are so far away with only a little time left, loving every minute of it, but also thinking about everything you have to look forward to in your return.




  1. I think this is my favorite.

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