Posted by: meganlpiper | July 25, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

Water on the trail beside the Castle

Water on the trail beside the Castle

They may not be drinking any particularly magical water here, actually I wouldn’t recommend drinking the tap water at all, but there are so many older people here who are not old at all! This is an interesting thing for one to notice I guess, but something that has impressed me about Segovia is that people of all ages are out and about throughout town. The daytime is filled with people walking in the streets, in the parks, in the stores, and in the restaurants, and night life is the same, dying down around 11 or 12pm.

I love how there are older people everywhere. They are out together, walking around and enjoying life. Even when canes are involved, you see them dressed well and observing the people as they experience life. When I say life, I dont mean the actual living and breathing, I mean the act of living well and with liveliness. Is it that they walk a lot and exercise regularly by doing so? Im not sure, although this is a great factor to think about. Is it that they relax and take time in the middle of the day to rest and be with their families (siesta)? This seems like it would lead to a happier life, if not a healthier one. I really would love to see the United States adopt this trend. Maybe the younger adults and children of the older community take better care of their older loved ones- keep them as a vital part of their life and everyday activities. Im not sure, but I love it.

An older man walking through a favorite park of ours

An older man walking through a favorite park of ours

So grandparents and parents- listen up! Walk around! Relax! Take time to get out of the house and people watch, enjoy your surroundings. We need you here, and living your life to its fullest! We can all take a little piece of Segovia to heart in this way, without even a sip from the fountain of youth.



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