Posted by: meganlpiper | July 22, 2009

Pickpockets in Paris


The one time I dont have my hand on the closure of my bag (aka satchel), someone sticks their grubby paws in it. I have read online and heard to be very careful, as I am obviously American in other countries. I keep my things in front of me, am aware of my surroundings, and I have been fine. Until Paris.

We were in the metro, trying to get to the airport to some back to Segovia. I knew which line to take but couldnt figure out where to find it in the metro so I got my purse out of my rolling suitcase to get the map. I figured out where we were going exactly, and I just kept the purse on my shoulder because we were almost there anyway. My money and ID are in my jacket pocket, and my passport is in my suitcase under clothes. In my bag I have tissues, headphones, an ipod (btw Jonathan, its yours…), my camera, my flip video camera, and other random stuff.

I was waiting to get on the metro train, walking toward the open door, not in a crowd or anything, and I feel someone right up on my back. I turned around, looked down at a sweet little girl whose grubby little hand was trying to get into my bag. I instinctively snatched my bag towards me and reached out and back handed her across her chest, knocking her one step back. I yelled something entirely inappropriate at her, she was shocked at first and then fell into her undoubtedly rehearsed loud victim approach. I got onto the train, shaken up for sure, and she stood at the door and smiled. Her robber guardian took her hand and quickly led her away in the direction of their next tourist victim.

Looking in my bag now, camera-check, ipod-check, flip video- check, tissues-check, chapstick-check, money in my pocket- check…nothing stolen. Now I only wish I had hit her harder and knocked some sense into her. The economy sucks here too, but come on people, really? your kids? Anyway, be careful when you travel- its the little ones that will get you!



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