Posted by: meganlpiper | July 22, 2009

J’adore Paris

In love with Paris

In love with Paris

I love Paris. No, I am in love with Paris. I had the most wonderful trip for my long weekend, with moments so exciting or wonderful that I just closed my eyes at times and said, “I love it here”. Everyone is so beautiful and the food is amazing, the stores are incredible, everything!

We spent the night in Madrid on Friday in the same Hostel building as before, really nice. This time it was one floor down at Hostel Trina or something like that…We all hung out for a while, talking and having fun. One of the girls got her nose pierced, which she had been thinking long and hard about. It was such an interesting place, though. One of the many prostitutes on the street (in the middle of the day) in this one specific street, led us to the right shop for piercings. It had pictures, rather graphic, of piercings they had done- right on the street for you to see. Use your imagination on what body parts there were…exactly. Saturday, we flew out on Ryan Air, which it is worth it to go ahead and cough up the money to fly airSpain or some other airline bc Ryan Air is cheap. Scary even…anyway, in Paris we stayed in a hotel called Madeliene Opera, a small little two star hotel that was old and sweet in the Madeliene area of town, which is wonderful and Parisian with beautiful shops and quaint cafes.

The hop on hop off tour bus was a great idea, we used it the whole time to see the city and get around. Everyone had a great time, even with different agendas for the trip. The planner in me would have liked for everyone to spend most of the time together, but the important thing is that everyone accomplished their goals in the short amount of time that we had. My goals were to see as much as possible while also experiencing a true Parisian lifestyle. I went to the Louvre and Notre Dame alone, took many pictures, explored with just y own thoughts. It was really wonderful. Ian had been ther three times so he showed me, Joanna, Cherae, and Anna around, while JoJo also met up with her Parisian GSU friend, Clairevia (spelling?). I walked with Ian through the city, especially the Latin quarter, and explored. We met a French friendm whose completely Parisian one room apartment we got to see. It was tiny, but its Paris- how great to live there! She showed us the non tourist area, where we went to a little bar with the best music and interesting people. I loved it!

Ian and I agree that theres nothing like an adventure; we missed our night boat tour by one minute after running through the metro/ city of Paris lost and looking for the boat. How bad can it be when you are lost, but in Paris? Everything happens for a reason, so while disappointed, I look forward to my next experience in Paris to have something to do for the first time. Another adventure was a near pickpocketing experience, check the next post for that.

 The food in Paris was amazing, with chocolate crouissants for breakfast and amazing lunches and dinners. Not to mention the chocolate that, of course, I could not resist. It really is one of my favorite places in the world, and I have so much to see when I come back one day.  I have so much to say abou Paris, I thought I should write it in segments so that I could get it all in eventually so I will add to this as I think of things, like for example- how I would love to learn French now. I will be looking in Savannah for classes to take. I hated not knowing the language where I was- without Ian, I would have been lost. I love speaking two languages, like when people came up to me and needed directions in spanish, or when gypsies asked if I spoke English to ask or money and I say “espanol”. I cannot wait to go back with a wider vocabulary of French! Pictures are coming soon!



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