Posted by: meganlpiper | July 15, 2009

Back to Barcelona

The beach in Barcelona!

The beach in Barcelona!

Here are my memories from Barcelona,

Friday night, we arrived very late and very tired. We checked into our hostel..which by the way, exemplifies completely the picture of false advertisement. Do not stay there! The website for the hostel was well put together and interactive, which made me feel like they must have it together. Wrong. We lucked out on getting an extra bed because the man didnt know how many people I had even booked the hostel for originally.  Now that I know Barcelona, I would have stayed on the other side of Las Ramblas, in a better location. We had a good time talking and laughing, and preparing for the weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up around 11:30am. This thoroughly stressed me out as I was missing out on the city. We got ready, bathing suits on, and went to eat. Eating took forever, but we finally made it to the beach. It was dreary outside, but very fun. We ran into a group of students from Georgia Tech, and one of my girlfriends, Jill Matthews, from GSU (who also worked with me at the RAC) was with them! How exciting to find an unexpected friend in another country and city!  Although, she had gone to explore, and I never actually saw her, it was nice to know I had a friend in Barcelona besides the ones I was with! On the beach, there were tons of women who wanted to give massages for money, people selling coconuts, people selling henna tattoos, people sculpting sandcastles for tips, etc. We looked around at the shops (mistakenly thought there was a target…sad day), the boats, the people, etc. Joanna’s family was in town for vacation, and she graciously let Christina and I go to dinner with them. We took a pedicab to the hostel as we no longer wanted to walk, and didnt really have the time- what a fun experience! We ate at a beautiful restaurant right on the main street, Las Ramblas. I had Paella, a signiature spanish meal of rice, tomato sauce and different shellfish. We had the best time getting to know her family. We then met up with the rest of the group, dodging street vendors, performers, and pick pockets. We had a very interesting, a little stressful evening of los barres. My favorite lounge was called Sinatra. Very classy, very chill, very me. That evening, in true slumber party fashion, many of us piled into one room for gossip and giggles. Thats the only way to describe it- you would never guess all the things that you share with people over old Dominoes (wanna be) pizza and ratty hostel atmosphere! As Trey would say, “we were one step up from homeless”…arent those memories some of the best though?

Sunday morning, Trey’s train left early so Christina and I (the two moms) went in our casual comfies (not really pajamas) to walk him down to the metro station to help him get home. We got him on the right path, literally, and then ran to experience as much as possible in the short day we had left. Nick, Rachel, Kami, and I took the advice of Joanna’s family and booked a hop on hop off tour of Barcelona on an open air bus. This was the best decision because we were the only ones who really got to see the city. The pictures are mainly from this. I wanted mostly to visit Barcelona to see the architecture of Gaudi. While we didnt have time to stop at each place, I am so happy that I saw the city. We caught up with Sarah Beth at the train station to make it back home to tranquila Segovia. The trains here in Spain are amazing. Plenty of room, just enough security, and like a plane but better. If only we had this in the U.S.!

Overall, I really like Barcelona. I think it should have been more planned out, and my advice to future travelers is to know what you want to do and see and also how to do it. I will be fully ready for my next adventure to Barcelona. I didnt do any research before this trip, which is unlike me, but I had a great spontaneous…and interesting…time. Check out the pictures a couple of posts below.



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