Posted by: meganlpiper | July 9, 2009

Red, red, wine…Sangria de Espana

Main Entry:
\saŋ-ˈgrē-ə, san-\
: a usually iced punch made of red wine, fruit juice, and soda
Thank you Websters, now let’s talk about what this really is here in Espana. Its the best drink you can have…one of.
Its signature here, and everyone drinks it. Everyone makes it differently, but basically the same. Some of this, some of that, and Sangria! Its a very famous thing here, and nice to have one of in the evening with friends. Many a good laugh or conversation has occurred over a pitcher of Sangria. Here are some of the things that I have seen in it in my stay here in Segovia, so try it at home, but it just wont be the same without the Aquaduct, Cathedral, and the stars of Segovia in the background!
In a chilled, pretty glass with ice and slices of lemons, limes, oranges, etc.:
  • Red Wine, doesnt matter what kind, more of this
  • Lemonade or Lemon Fanta (they love this stuff here, more of this)
  • Vodka (less of this)
  • Rum (less of this)
  • Vermouth (less of this)
  • White sugar (half of a packet-ish)

I wish that you could taste a glass here, on the patio outside of La Luna with all of us, but at least now you can imagine!




  1. I really feel like I’m learning the culture with you! I can truly close my eyes and imagine the beautiful city around us as we sip on your sangria creation with my favorite ladies!

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