Posted by: meganlpiper | July 9, 2009


On a trip like this, its extremely important that you take a lot of pictures, right? But pictures and videos of what exactly? and for whom? I had a field trip this past week, only from school across the street to the Aquaduct, but it was an educational adventure for sure. I didnt take my flip video camera, only my notes, and people asked why not? I wished for a second that I had, but for once I paid attention the whole time while the Professor was talking. This made me think about one of my favorite John Mayer songs, which is a hard choice because I love them all.

Its called 3×5, and the words fit perfectly with what I mean now.  Sometimes you get so preoccupied taking pictures, that you end up just taking pictures. I would rather be really touched by something, and take a picture that has meaning. And sometimes, not to take a picture at all, to take it all in “with both my eyes” and be able to tell others about it later, “when im in a mood to lose my way with words.”  Dont get me wrong, I have hundreds of “just pictures”, but when I take the time to really pay attention, to see it all, and then choose a picture with meaning, well “you should have seen that sunrise, with your own eyes…it brought me back to life.”

This is partially why I haven’t spent a lot of my time here uploading pictures and videos. Obviously, since I only have 26 days left here, I need to savor every moment. You can see a few pictures here and there, but for all of them you’ll have to see it in person, hear it from me. Over time, they will all make it online, so you will see them. But for now, no more 3×5’s.




  1. 🙂

  2. “You have learned well young Jedi.” And what a lesson! Good for you!!! Suck it all in…savor every single moment. When it’s over, it’s over. All you have are those memories.

  3. […] have meant the most to us. I wish I had gotten it on film, but its better this way, I think…to see it with both my eyes. It was a very sentimental time to hear everyone’s input, to watch the way they looked around […]

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