Posted by: meganlpiper | July 7, 2009

Shepard’s Pie…la comida de mi abuela!

This is what I cooked for my fam here, the meat is weird but it was good!

This is what I cooked for my fam here, the meat is weird but it was good!

I cooked dinner for my family last night, and it was really nice! I had to tell my madre what to get at the grocery store, and it was a little different, but generally the same. I made Shepard’s pie, like my Memaw makes at home because it is one of my favorite things and easy to make. I used cheese (although it was queso like they have here and not American cheese like Memaw uses), mashed potatoes (from a box, where I usually make them homemade), corn, and hamburger meat (which looks very different and came in patties that I had to cut up). I got out all the needed pans, with my madres and little sisters help. We had a good time cooking, and I showed her what to do if they wanted to make it again one day. Once it was in the oven and heated up enough for the cheese to melt, we had it with bread and fruit.

They seemed to like it. It is very different from their usual separate sides and meat, but they said it was good. They also said it was veryyyy different too, so they may have just been hungry! Either way, I got a little taste of home with a Spanish twist. Another great experience in Segovia!




  1. Hey Megan!! So excited for you to be in Spain!! Enjoy the adventure! Everyone here at CRI misses you! See you back in the Boro!!

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