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Three little words…July 4, 2009

Antique Hostel Elevator!

Antique Hostel Elevator!

Just in Case“…how many adventures occur after this phrase is used? Not sure about anyone else, but for me, this year’s July 4th was one to remember. Mostly because of plans utilizing those three little words!

So our plans were to save money and only go to Madrid for the day this past saturday. Friday night, Trey, Nick, Prof. Suazo, and I sat around Jose (a restaurant we frequent at night) and had a chill evening. Upon discussing the day ahead, Suazo described an awesome Cuban restaurant and a salsa club we would like. The last train left at ten pm so that wouldnt be possible for us. Thinking about it more, we said- why dont we take clothes just in case?

I decided to pack my little messenger bag with a few essentials for the next day, if we spent the night. I packed my handy plastic zip bags that Patti (future mother in law) gave me before my trip with the needed toiletries and minimal makeup. I packed a black dress to wear if we went out, long with some underclothing (unmentionables). I also planned my saturday outfit for reuse by taking the same gold sandals I could wear out on the town. Of course, I packed and laid all of this out on friday night, just in case.

I woke up on saturday morning at 8 to have two hours to check the internet, make sure I had everything, eat breakfast, and so on. I listened to music, cleaned my room, and then I got ready to get in the shower with about an hour and 15 minutes to go until Trey would be at my house…then the buzzer for the door rang. I thought, who would be here this early? I opened my window to see Trey 4 floors below me waiting at my door. I yelled down (as I often do) and said, what are you doing here so early?? Its 8:45am! He said um no, its 9:45 am! We need to leave!! Standing there in my pjs, I check my alarm clock…8:45. I check my watch, then computer, then clock in hall…9:45. What?????!!!! Great! Buzzed Trey in, cursed the alarm clock (still dont know what happened), and jumped in the shower. Jumped out, clothes on, wet hair up, grabbed a little more makeup for the bus ride, grabbed my bag, shoes, shoved a breakfast pastry in bag and ran! We walked as fast as we ever have to the bus station, only to get there right on time with time to spare. Of course, leave it to me!

Madrid is a big city. It’s an even bigger city during Gay Pride weekend, and we were not sure what to expect. We arrived there, took the metro train to the area of town that we wanted to be in for sightseeing, and took a few pictures. We called our other amigos to meet with them later, as they had already enjoyed a fun evening out in Madrid. We hit the big stores for the rebajas, and I found a couple of great things! Cant wait to come home and show them off! One green jacket in particular will have me welcoming the breezes of Fall. We ate a quick lunch at Pan, which is a fast food place with American type food. There were also gay pride rainbows and supporters everywhere! We set out to see a little more of Madrid.

We were having a great time, and we decided to look for a hostel to stay in just in case. If there was a cheap availability, we would stay. We walked around, experiencing Madrid and all it had to offer. I saw trannies and drag queens galore, good thing I had the camera and flip video…just in case. We found a hostel, Hostel Acapoulco, which I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever in Madrid. It was so nice and 23 Euros per person for the night. (About $28) So we dropped off our things, and Suazo set out to find himself somewhere to live after graciously helping us find a hostel. We sat down for a minute, opened our balcony…and we could hear the parade beginning a street over. We jumped up and ran down and over one street to catch the Gay Pride Parade. It was a few minutes behind so we talked to some nice friends from Germany and France I think? Saw a few minutes of the parade, including a lot of half naked people, and went back home to get ready for the night. We had gone out earlier and bought the extras we needed to stay, since not everyone had planned ahead.

The Cuban restaurant was the best food I have had yet…It was AMAZING. La Negra Tomasa was the name of the restaurant. We ate and enjoyed the environment for a little while. We met up with our friends and walked around Madrid a bit. Visited their hostel for about an hour, then we set out to dance somewhere. Ran into some drag queens on the way, got some great pics with them!  The salsa club was 10 euros to get into so we kept looking…Finally found a club rep in the street that would get us in somewhere for free (the girls at least!) We danced the night away at “Dreams”, and then Trey, Nick, Christina, and I set out for another adventure…

The end of the night was an adventure for sure. Someone threw red wine on us from a balcony…this someone was definitely a drunk someone, and it was infuriating to have wine on you, but the reaction from Trey and his white pants was hilarious. Its still hard to tell the story without having to stop and laugh.  We ran into a friend, who was supposed to have been asleep…late nights are abundant! I saw two naked people, one completely naked, just walking down the street, many butterfly costumes, rainbows, dogs everywhere, homeless people, gothic people, Americans, Germans, French…too many things to count!  The trip was worth it, I loved Madrid, and everything about our impromptu trip. I will say though, its too bad I didnt pack any Oxyclean (r.i.p. Billy Mays) for the red wine encounter…you know, just in case!




  1. Sounds like I would have loved the Madrid trip…about as much as I love mushrooms! No more naked gay men for you…JUST IN CASE! Lol! Love you!

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