Posted by: meganlpiper | July 2, 2009

Swept away…

The birds I told you about, around the Aqueduct everyday...thousands!

The birds I told you about, around the Aqueduct everyday...thousands!

I have some things that I think about telling you throughout the day that do not really fit in a specific post or call for a whole new post in general…Ill just list them out in a very neat fashion, so that they do not get swept under the rug and forgotten…as I find them, I will upload photos…

  • These people love PDA here, public displays of affection, I couldn’t even explain my experiences with this fully without slapping a Rated R label on this blog…ask me about this later for fun!
  • The Dove lotion that I bought here seems extremely wonderful, even more than the Dove lotion at home. I dont know if its different or not, but Im buying an extra bottle here just in case.
  • I dont want to eat another hard boiled or sunny side up egg in my life. They freaking love these in my house. I didnt like them six weeks ago, and I do not like them now! 
  • I know a lot of people in Segovia. My mom here is only 38 yrs old, which means she actually couldnt even be my mom…so its weird to call her that as I think about it…anyway, she has a lot of friends, with whom we always go out to the fair, the pool, the plaza, for tapas, etc. She has about 4 girlfriends consistently with their husbands and kids and other girlfriends that mix and mingle for different occasions. So walking to the plaza or through the stores, sometimes someone says “Hola Megan!”, and its very weird. But, I love it! I feel like Im fitting in here really well…
  • There are a lot of birds here. I mean ALOT. In the mornings next to the aquaduct birds are everywhere for some reason. I am always scared to be pooped on. Hopefully that will not happen, which would require a new post.
  • There are also a lot of cats here, stray. Maybe this will help the bird problem.
  • I saw my first HEDGE HOG a few nights ago. It was running across the street, and I thought it was a baby armodillo until I realized Im in Spain. When we got close to it, it was very still next to a bush on the sidewalk. Its about the size of a guinea pig but with little spikey hairs. (I didnt confirm that its a hedge hog, but thats what Frank said and he seemed confident.)
  • Men here arejust as bold as you would think with their stares and lude comments. I am told that I need to learn spanish curse words to reply, but I feel the fiestiness of that would solicit more interest. Im maintaining my American silence and nose in the air response.
  • Every girl here has bangs, Miley Cyrus style. The guys call it the Hannah Montana. Not sure if it has anything to do with her, but I think we need to take the bang trend down a few notches!
  • There are all ages of people active in Segovia. This actually almost calls for a whole post, in fact, nevermind…look forward to this later.
  • Las rebajas are sales in July, where all the stores mark all of their clothing, etc down by 50% or more for the whole month. I have no idea why, and I dont really care to know, but I like it. Someone should probably do something about the frequency of my walks in the downtown area though…so far 2 dresses and 1 amazing pair of white pants…
  • I just learned that you can rent movies on Itunes! I honestly dont have that much time when I spend most of my siesta either sleeping or skyping with the fiance and friends, but its awesome that I have the option of movies in english if I want. For those of you spanish professors with my grade in your hands, of course this is only an idea and I will really be watching spanish tv and talking to my spanish families only… 😉
  • I finally had a magnum icecream bar! Liz Lynch- just for you! And yes, they are amazing! The chocolate is great and really thick. They have them everywhere here, even in a Mcdonalds Mcflurry in Madrid. If you ever get a chance to try one, do!
  • I have kit kats hidden in my closet. at all times. I found them in the grocery store here, and it was over. So much for losing any weight 🙂

Ill be thinking of and adding more as I travel along in Segovia…




  1. Love bullut number 3…def made me laugh.

    Also, I think I’m going to remember “Maintaining my American silence and nose in the air response,” that’s a great way to put it! Love you:)

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