Posted by: meganlpiper | July 2, 2009

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

So let’s talk about food and drink! Comida y Bebida! The meals here go like this…

BREAKFAST  in the morning on my own (most ppl have moms to make theirs but my mom lets me do it and sleeps in! i love independence!) which usually consists of me grabbing a little pastry type thing that I have learned to like while yelling out the window to Frank and Trey not to leave me (late, of course!) I should be having (like everyone else) warm milk (i know, gross) unless you ask for it cold and crackers or fruit of some sort. If i had the time, I would eat the Special K style cereal with chocolate flakes y spanish mom bought me. I say again, that I got the best family for sure. Today I had a little croissant with homemade plum jam that my spanish dad made.

LUNCH is the biggest meal of the day, and the most involved. I have had anything from macaroni and cheese with hamburger steak to spanish soup (potatos, spinach, egg bits, chickpeas, in a chicken broth…you learn to like it) and also this ham with a cheese type sauce that was amazing. They eat the side first, like peas or mac and cheese, with salad always in the middle of the table with a vinagrette style dressing and tomatos and bread (always,always bread). Then once you have eaten the entire side or as much as you want, you eat the meat or main portion alone. Then you have fruit (watermelon, kiwi, banana, or others) or a yogurt and an icecream if you want one. I almost always eat the icecream bc its amazing nestle bars haha. And we only drink water at these meals. This is right before siesta around 2:30pm

DINNER/evening meal is lighter and late in the day (9 or 10pm) . This is a hit or miss. Sometimes when my mom has gone out with friends, I have had frozen pizza, which was great. Last night I had bacon and french fries. That was the worst yet. Most of the time its all good, like mini hamburgers with salad or fish or little chicken breasts lightly breaded. If I dont eat an icecream at lunch, then I will eat one at dinner. (of course!)

This is how the meals are going, sometimes we have gone out for Tapas (light appetizers) and Sangria (mostly wine and fruit), but I like to eat at home and if Im hungry then eat a snack. I can eat whatever out of the fridge when I want, but they dont really have snacks here like in the US. Which is probably why I have lost 3-4lbs since Ive been here. It could also be that I walk more than a mile every day at least, uphill alot. My calves should be pretty dang sculpted when I get home, but hopefully I will maintain the same weight as when I got here! Maybe a couple sangrias would also help… 😉

Ill try to upload some photos of food along the way…



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