Posted by: meganlpiper | June 28, 2009

Fiestas! Til 6 in the morning…



This past week in Segovia was the perfect week to arrive because there are fiestas every night. During the day there are people in the streets performing or selling things, and many people visiting the city. There was also a party bus in town with a rock band on it playing American rock, Highway to Hell, etc. They love American music here! At night, there are concerts in the Plaza Mayor and in other open areas around Segovia. The fair is also in town for the young people. Right now its Sunday morning and I can hear an announcer and music in the park next to my house. My senora, Rachel/Raquel, says that its for little kids. So every day this week we have all met and gone out in the afternoon after siesta and used the internet to purchase weekend tickets or explore the city or shop. After this, we come home and eat dinner and get ready and meet at 11 around the Auquaduct or the Plaza Mayor. There is a restaurant called Jose Maria that Prof. Suazos friends own- this is where we usually meet. We talk and hang out, have a glass of sangria or cerveza. La luna is a bar that some of us discovered to watch the usa-spain futbol (soccer) game, and now we all go there. The owner already knows us! They have the best sangria so far. The last place we have been going is called the Gran Hook. Its a little like a club I guess, but we ust go there to dance. Some people with us dont go out after Jose Maria, some people leave after La Luna, but may stay out until the sun calls them home! I like to go out, but I always end up wanting to go home before anyone else, at 3am for example…Trey andFrank walk me home, and they are the 6 in the morning friends of mine so inevitably some other gentleman ends up having to leave and walk me home, which is farther than they would have to go, so thanks guys! I know my family will be reading this so let me say that I made the decision before I came to be responsible (arent I ALWAYS?) and not get drunk. So 2 sangrias is my limit, but I loveto dance with or sin sangria so no es importa! Last night, it was a much different night for me! My senora asked me to go downtown for tapas with them. Greg was able to use my friend Liz’s skype, and it would be the first time I would actually see him so I planned on coming home after eating tapas. (Tapas are like appetizers and very popular here, very very good too. There is a contest going on in Segovia between restaurants, which makes tapas cheaper. There are little brochures that you rate the tapas on and put in boxes that are in every restuarant and you may win a prize. Its a great PR move to get feedback! It helps us also to learn the restaurants) I got dressed and my family and I, minus the 15 yr old who was at the fair, went outside. Outside there were three other couples and their kids waiting to walk with us. Wow! Muchos gente! (Lots of ppl) I was quiet at first, but on the way met the children and talked with them to warm up my spanish for the new adults. We went through the huge crowds to my senoras brothers restaurant. The tapas were great, and my senora walked me around the street it was on while we waited to see orginial architecture there. She is the best- I have decided after meeting her friends and observing, that my senora is a mom that is the cool, hot mom. haha. She is in great shape and beautiful and is always the center of the conversation or party. I met more and more of their friends. We went to the concert for about thirty minutes. People EVERYWHERE. Then they decided that they needed more tapas and we went to another GREAT restaurant, Panera or something like that? I cant wait to take the rest of the group. We had french fries and calamari. haha. I was able to have great lengthy cnversations, with the children who study english helping a little a long the way. We walked home around 2:30 AM. I had to call Greg at 1:30 on my spanish cell phone to tell him he would have to wait haha, my family parties too! I had the best time, and I also to talk to my Fiance (novio here)…I hope that the rest of the weeks in Segovia arent disappointing after all the food, fun, people, and fiestas of this one. I have a feeling it wont be!


In front of the aquaduct, one of many concerts

In front of the aquaduct, one of many concerts



  1. AUTHENTIC SANGRIA!! yummmm!

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