Posted by: meganlpiper | June 26, 2009

El Palacio y Papas Fritas

the palace of the king and queen

the palace of the king and queen


French Fries!

French Fries!

Today we had a field trip to El Palacio, it was A-maz-ing! I wish that Greg and I could get married here! Too bad the plane ride sucks to get here…we toured the palace and saw ornate decor inside. It was about twenty minutes away by bus. It took us thirty minutes to walk to the bus stop from my apartment and we were almost late! I have some great videos that I hope to get up tonight. I got wireless internet finally in my room! The family here forgot to tell me they have wireless and also forgot their password so someone had to come over today to fix it. I am so excited! I also had a SNICKERS bar today, which was great. I also had french fries, ketchup, and diet coke while we explored the city. Obviously we found a restaurant that had American food! We are having a great time, and I miss home alot but I havent been sad about it. Its only six weeks. I am using skype now, trying to help my mom get with skype and using a cell phone  I bought over here to call those that cant work skype…More later but for now I need to get ready for fiestas!!



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