Posted by: meganlpiper | June 25, 2009

Internet in mi casa! Mas informacion sobre Segovia!

I have finally found a way to use the internet in mi casa! Thanks to Cherae for the ethernet cord! Ok, so now I have time to tell you ALL about it here! It is beautiful!!! Th trip here was not pleasant on the plane- first class will be my future from now on…jet lag feels like an intense hangover, but I am mostly over that now. My family is great and so nice. They are understanding about me becoming familiar with everything. The cat, Simba, in my apartment has yet to become my amigo but hopefully we can reach an understanding. The food is good here, last night I ate ham and pasta and fruit and bread and CHOCOLATE ICECREAM BAR! I was so happy. Also, there is family guy on tv in spanish, not that I watch it in english. I live in an apartment, and frank another guy on the trip also lives in the building. Frank, Trey, and I walk to and from school together. It is about a ten minute walk to school and a twenty minute was to La Playa Mayor for nightlife and popular restaurants.

Many of the students are homesick and having a hard time with missing their family and adjusting to the language. I havent been sad until today a little bit hearing others talk about their novios (boyfriends) and family. I miss everyone but skype and my new spanish cell phone (17cents a minute after 4 my time and 48 cents to connect) I am also SIX HOURS ahead of you so right now it is 8am at home and 2pm here! Its very hard to adjust.

Im going to eat my afternoon meal now so I will be back later to upload pictures!




  1. Well im really glad that your family is so great and that they are sometimes feeding you chocolate which we know that you need! It doesnt even feel like your in Spain yet I just feel like youre at Greg’s apartment for the week lol But I remember to pray for you every morning even thoush there its the afternoon 🙂 Hopefully whenever you have time I’ll here back from you! Miss you!

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